part #:3140b - Scan Tool CanOBD2&1® Kit

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    Commonly Asked Questions

  • Why doesn’t the Owner’s Manual provide definitions for all of the available codes?
  • Will this Scan Tool work on “full size" trucks or motor homes?
  • Does this Scan Tool have “bi-directional” features?
  • What is the purpose of the EMISSION STATUS LEDs?
  • Will this Scan Tool erase codes and turn the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) off?
  • I lost my Owner’s Manual, and software CD, where can I get another one? 

    You can download a copy of the Owner’s Manual  in Adobe PDF format and download the software from Innova website ( Click on the "Support" Tab, and choose "Manuals and Software". 

  • What extra features does the software offer?

    The Pc link software will allow you to connect the Code Reader to a PC and transfer the information retrieved from your vehicle’s computer. It will allow you to create a basic report that provides you with the code, code definitions, freeze frame data and if available possible causes for the DTC's.  You can also purchase a premium membership, this will give you access to Verified Fixes for codes, Predicted Vehicle Repairs based on the current mileage, and access to our full library of do it yourself videos. 

  • Does this Scan Tool support Extended CAN?
  • With what model years is the Scan Tool compatible?
  • Where can I get code definitions for the codes I retrieved if definitions are not available through the Scan Tool?
  • Why does the 3100/1003 turn off when the LINK button is pressed?
  • What is Live Data?
  • I lost my Owner’s Manual, where can I get another one?

    You can download a copy of the Owner’s Manual  in Adobe PDF format and download the software from Innova website ( Click on the "Support" Tab, and choose "Manuals and Software". 

  • Does this Scan Tool display Freeze Frame data?
  • Will this Scan Tool work on vehicles outside the US or Canada?
  • Will this Scan Tool read and display Live Data?
  • Will this Scan Tool work on diesel vehicles?
  • Can I retrieve manufacturer-specific Diagnostics Trouble Codes (DTCs) with this Scan Tool?
  • Will this Scan Tool display a vehicle’s VIN?
  • Why does the “Unable to establish link” message display?
  • Is the Scan Tool "ready to use" out of the package, or does it need to be updated first?
  • Why does my cable have 14 pins instead of 16 pins?
  • Can I retrieve ABS, Body or Air Bag codes using the Scan Tool?
  • How can I record Live Data using the Scan Tool?
  • How can I update the Code Reader firmware?
  • Will the Scan Tool damage my vehicle’s electronic systems?
  • Can I use the Scan Tool with the engine running?

    Before turning on the ignition or starting the vehicle we always recommend first connecting the Scan Tool to your vehicle. So long as this procedure is followed, you can use the Scan Tool on the vehicle while it is running. In fact, the Live Data function of the 3040a requires you to have the engine running.
    IMPORTANT: If it is necessary to drive the vehicle while observing the Scan Tool’s display (such as when performing a Drive Cycle), ALWAYS have a second person help you. One person should drive while the second person observes the Scan Tool’s display.

  • What is Freeze Frame data?
  • What PIDs will this Scan Tool display for my vehicle?
  • Why do the Monitor icons continue to flash?

    The I/M MONITOR STATUS icons represent systems that are being tested by your vehicle for any possible faults. Monitors are special computer programs used by the vehicle’s computer to verify proper operation of specific emissions-related components or systems (Oxygen Sensor, Catalytic Converter, EGR Valve, Fuel System, etc.) to ensure their proper operation. If a Monitor icon is flashing; it indicates the associated system monitor is still being tested by the vehicles computer. A Monitor will not complete until the proper set of conditions are met for it to complete a drive cycle. When a Monitor icon is solid, it indicates the associated Monitor has completed its testing. A “Drive Cycle” is when the vehicle is driven through the necessary conditions during a single trip or multiple subsequent trips for the self-diagnosis to complete. You need to complete a full drive cycle for each of the monitors to complete its testing. Once the Drive Cycle finishes testing the system monitor you will receive a solid icon. In order to complete a “Drive Cycle” the vehicle must be able to start and run for the self-diagnosis to complete. Please refer to a vehicle service manual or owner’s manual for more information on the necessary conditions needed to perform the self-diagnosis and testing.